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Taking care of one's ocular health is in fact one of the most important things you can do for you and your family. So much of our world is perceived through sight that without it our lives become very difficult to navigate. It is estimated that nearly one in two people do not go for annual eye examinations, resulting each year in hundreds of thousands of people who now suffer from preventable afflictions. But why don't we go to the optometrist the way we should; the way we do with other medical experts?
Fear – Perhaps not surprisingly is the fact that many people are scared of going to a specialist. They have an innate fear that they are tempting fate by having an examination, and believe that just by showing up something will be found to be wrong. Of course that is nothing more than nerves. In fact, a qualified optometrist can almost always detect problems long before they occur, or catch them at their earliest stages. This can make the difference between a simple medication or a surgical procedure down the road if the illness is left untreated.
Monetary Concerns – Although in Canada we are extremely fortunate to have a system in place by which anyone can go to the doctor at any time, other areas of specialty such as dental checkups and eye exams are not covered under our OHIP cards. Although the expense of a visit to the optometrist is only covered for youth and the elderly, the average cost of an examination is only roughly $100 – far cheaper than the price you will pay if your vision begins to fail.
Fashion – One of the most common treatments that an optometrist hands out are corrective lenses, either glasses or in contact lens form. Decades ago these were often associated with a sort of lack of social grace, or were simply deemed unattractive. Glasses have come a long way since then, and can now be found in hundreds of different styles, shapes, colours, and even tints in the glass to accommodate your individual personality. In fact some people such as 90's pop darling Lisa Loeb and talk show maven Sally Jessy Raphael have come to be known specifically for their unique and stylish eyewear.
Feeling Fine – Perhaps the number one reason many of us neglect our ocular health is because we feel like there is nothing wrong to be checked up on. If our vision is fine and doesn't cause us any discomfort, why should we spend money to have someone else also tell us we're fine? The truth is, many optical diseases start off slowly, and do their damage behind the scenes. By the time you begin to have problems seeing, there's a good chance the problem has progressed further than you think. Prevention is absolutely critical to keeping your eyesight sharp!
Our eyes are invaluable to us, and we only get one set. If taken care of properly, they will reward you with visions and memories all through your life that you will cherish always. Contact one of the over 118 eye exam locations in Canada today and be assured that the future is something you can clearly see.